Paula Scheftic, LMT, Owner
Thank you, for letting me be a part of Your Wellness.

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Paula Scheftic, LMT

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My Goal is to help you to feel better, and improve Your Wellness.

 Whether you are looking to Recovery from Injuries, Relieve your aches, pains and discomfort, Or just have a Relaxation session to Reduce Stress in your life, Massage Therapy has many therapeutic benefits.

Therapeutic benefits of massage improves your immune system and help you maintain an active in Life Style. Recover from injuries faster, or reduce the stress, in your life. 


The Caz Massage Office is in the Atwell Mill building right by The Great Chinese Wall Restaurant. Use the side entrance, it's a glass door,  and go straight up a few stairs through the french door, I am down the hall on  left, past Swick's Chiropractic and Scissors Salon.

  • Please schedule online if possible. If you Call, please leave a voice message, or text me, so I can return the call when I am available. If you don't I'll think it's spam.
  • Gift Certificates are  online and in person ... If it is a Surprise, call me tell me, I will book it for you. The client info for health history needs about ten mins extra to session to fill out before I work on them.
  • Prior to your appointment, please complete the Client Intake Form, it has a release form at the end of it, so I have your permission to work on you. ( It’s for me to see where you stand with meds, health issues, and for your safety. I write SOAP notes on each client per session. )
  • This form will be included as a link in your appointment details email. It must be completed, signed and/or updated when things change by all clients in order to provide the best services.
  • Appointments Must be booked under the name of the client receiving treatment. ... If it’s a Surprise, I understand, Call me, or text me, leave a message with date and time and buy a gift certificate. 
  • My Waiting Room is outside my door.
  • Please arrive a little before your appointment. The rest room is just past my door on right~Please wash your hands.
  • There will be a sign on my door “in session” if it's locked, I may be running behind.  I usually have 45 minutes in-between my appointments to clean the massage treatment room surfaces and put fresh linens on the table.
  • Massage can make a cold come on stronger and faster, if you have a runny nose or congestive cough, please wear a mask, I will too. 

I reserve the right to refuse appointments to any client with a fever, cough, or other symptoms.